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100 Follower Week Challenge

Embark on a quest and grow 100 followers in 7 days on Instagram.

Followers & Fortunes

An epic adventure that unleashes you into endless followers and infinite fortunes.


An influencer platform that makes brand collaborations easy. (Coming Soon)

Start Here: The 100 Follower Week Challenge 🏆

Grow 100 followers in 7 days.

The challenge features a daily quest by Ray Kim (500k followers) that will show you how to get 100 organic followers within a week.

Learn how to collab with brands.

The challenge also features a quest that shows you how to collaborate with brands. Repeat to get as many free products as you want.

Compete for amazing bounties.

All challengers are entitled to win prizes and bounties based on their results. Moreover, all challengers are entered into a draw for a random bounty.

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