Transform Your Passion & Influence Into A Profitable E-commerce Brand

Tired of relying on brand collabs and want to sell your own products?

We help you create an e-commerce business that earns you big bucks, step-by-step.

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2x, 5x, or even 10x your revenue by switching from brand collabs to selling your own products.

Can you imagine Kylie Jenner relying on brand collabs? Of course she does sponsorships, but she made her billions through Kylie Cosmetics. She was able to see that the path to wealth is by creating her own business.

Brands use your influence to sell their own products, and pay you barely less than 10% of what they make, on average. By owning your own product line, you take back control of your income.

We build your product line for you, so you don’t have to.

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Product Research

We jump on a strategy session and figure out what products you’re going to sell. Then, we relentlessly research your market.

Product Design

Once we’ve identified your product and market, our team of designers will help create a beautiful product line that matches your brand.


Our agents will find a high-quality, cost-efficient manufacturer to bring your product to life, and deliver it your customers.

Marketing Strategy

We will create a step-by-step strategy to market your product to your audience and beyond, and we will support you along the way.

What you’ll get by partnering with us

A Sellable, Scalable Business

You will own a product that represents your personal brand, and that you can sell to your audience at scale.

A Passive Stream Of Income

When helping you start your product line, we work to make sure that continued production is as automated as possible. This means that once your business is built, there’s very little you have to do to generate income!

Support For Guaranteed Success

Our assistance doesn’t stop after production. We are always there to provide support and strategy when needed.

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Total Revenue




Industry Experience

How It Works

First, we jump on a call and find out what product line works best for you. Second, our team will research your market and come up with a product line. Third, we'll design, source, and sample your products. Finally, we'll create your store, branding, and marketing strategy.

A True Partnership

We hold your hand every step of the way. Think of it like having your own business consultants.

You’re Involved

This is your product, and so we'll build the product based on your input. We have a call with you every other week.

Ready To Own Your Business?

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